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Sinus Bone Graft book

Sinus Bone Graft book

Sinus Bone Graft. Ole T. Jensen

Sinus Bone Graft

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Sinus Bone Graft Ole T. Jensen
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Company, Incorporated

I am having a dental implant done in two weeks but have discovered that I will need to have bone grafting and a sinus lift. When an implant has been planned for the replacement of an upper tooth, the sinuses may be too low. Our NYC oral surgeon can increase the bone height beneath your sinuses, which is something only true experts can achieve. What I plan on doing is fracturing the sinus floor with an osteotome and pushing the segments up and then placing a bone graft. Sinus bone grafts are also performed to replace bone in the posterior upper jaw. A sinus graft is a special bone grafting procedure that is used to create a more ideal implant site. The right dental implant with a crown support, would be about 00-00, whereas reconnect replacement including repairing a bone issue would peak at around 00. This had only added to what was already a very high level of anxiety about the treatment. I am going to be doing a Summers lift to install implants that will extend into the maxillary sinus. The solution to this is sinus lift graft. The bone is either obtained from a tissue bank or your own bone is taken from the jaw, hip or tibia (below the knee). An absorbable collagen membrane is placed between the bone graft and the membrane as well as over the bony window. If the sinus wall is very thin, it will be impossible to place the dental implants in the bone. Bones are required for dental enhancements to support them in place. An incision is made in the gums in the area below the sinus, and then cut through the bone to create a “window” into the sinus cavity.